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Parish Steward

7 September - 8 September

The Parish Steward, Adrian Moss visits our village 2 days a week at the beginning of each month to address a wide variety of minor highway defects and needs.

To ensure that we don’t lose this valuable service, provided by Wiltshire Council, we need to ensure that he has plenty of work to do.  How can you help?  – by reporting any of the following tasks for the Parish Steward to carry out:

  • Hand cleaning of small grips.
  • Rodding of small culverts and manholes.
  • Filling-in small potholes
  • Hand cleaning of road gully tops.
  • Hedge trimming around road signs to maintain visibility, but not wholesale hedge cutting as this needs to be done by landowner.
  • Washing Highway signs.
  • Over-run damage.
  • Strimming of grass verges for visibility at junctions and of Highway signs.
  • Siding out overgrown vegetation obstructing footways.
  • Clearing debris and leaves, but not litter.
  • Painting railings, away from water.

Please CONTACT the Parish Clerk to Report matters for the Parish Steward


7 September
8 September

Please contact the Parish Clerk if you are holding an event and would like to add it to the calendar

NB. The Parish Clerk is not responsible for Village Hall bookings. Please use the Village Hall Booking Request form. 

More details about event will be found in the Parish News.