Rural Broadband Survey

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Its an undisputed fact that broadband is a necessary part of modern life. Households need a reliable connection to the internet to perform many of the daily tasks we take for granted, from checking a bank account to streaming music and video.

Anecdotal evidence suggest that broadband speeds differ across the parish and the Parish Council would like to understand in more detail what performance is being delivered. The survey will provide the evidence we need to work with Wiltshire Council and its delivery partners to improve the service locally.

Running the Speed Test

Please run the speed tests three times during the day: morning, afternoon and evening.

Go to and run the test.

If possible, run the test from a computer attached by an ethernet cable to the router and turn off WiFi connectivity. This gives the most accurate reading.


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You are welcome to contact Cllr. Pound if you’d like to contribute to this topic.