Walks Around Sutton Benger

24 May 2021 – Closure of Footpath SBEN18 – East to River Avon/Christian Malfordplease follow this link for more information.

4 Footpaths to be temporarily closed from 1 April 2021 please follow this link for more information.


Here we have a selection of walks around the Parish of Sutton Benger beautifully drawn and handwritten by the late Norman Davis.

Please STAY ON THE FOOTPATHS – most of them are on private land and you only have permission to be on the official path.

The maps can be downloaded here:

Sutton Benger Map of All Walks*

* A free A3 paper copy of this map is available from The Bell, The Wellesley or the Clerk

Sutton Benger Walks – Water Meadows Route 1

Sutton Benger Walks – River Avon Route 2

Sutton Benger Walks – Draycot Estate Route 3

Sutton Benger Walks – River Avon Mill and Christian Malford Route 4

Sutton Benger Walks – Draycot Route 5

Sutton Benger Walks – Chizel Brook Route 6

Sutton Benger Walks – Draycott Estate Hardings Farm Route 7

Wiltshire Council Rights of Way Map