Walks Around Sutton Benger

4 Footpaths to be temporarily closed from 1 April 2021please follow this link for more information.

The Walk Benger Challenge 2020

A fun challenge for families and walkers to get to know the beautiful surroundings of Sutton Benger by walking local footpaths and identifying local landmarks. It is hoped children (and the rest of us) might become more confident using an Ordnance Survey map.

All the walks are less than 2-3 miles. Some may be overgrown – you will need walking boots/trainers or wellies and probably best to have legs covered to protect from nettles. (Please report to the Parish Council if you have any particular issues accessing the paths)

The footpaths cross privately owned land, so please stay on marked paths

What you need: –

A local footpath map – Paper copies are available from the Post Office or Ruth Gaunt (01249 720 930)

Find your Walk Benger Challenge Pack here

Alongside this guidance, the pack comprises

  • A copy of the Countryside Code
  • A guide to map symbols
  • A Walk Benger Activity sheet (You will find important clues in some of the questions)
  • 10 photos of local views and landmarks with further clues of where to find them

Your challenge

  • See which questions in the Activity sheet you can complete from looking at the map
  • With the help of the clues, photos and map, walk the footpaths keeping a close eye out for the 10 landmarks
  • Take a picture of yourself at each of the landmarks
  • If you are interested in photography, any interesting or striking images of the landmarks can be submitted. They might win a prize and appear on the Parish Council website
  • When you have collected pictures of the 10 landmarks – send them to b.parish.walks@gmail.com

Walk Benger prizes

  • Children (aged 12 and under) who succeed at the challenge will receive a small prize
  • All successful participants will receive a Walk Benger certificate
  • A separate prize for the best photo submitted before the 31st July 2020

Happy Walking!!!!


Here we have a selection of walks around the Parish of Sutton Benger beautifully drawn and handwritten by the late Norman Davis.

Please STAY ON THE FOOTPATHS – most of them are on private land and you only have permission to be on the official path.

The maps can be downloaded here:

Sutton Benger Map of All Walks*

* A free A3 paper copy of this map is available from The Bell, The Wellesley or the Clerk

Sutton Benger Walks – Water Meadows Route 1

Sutton Benger Walks – River Avon Route 2

Sutton Benger Walks – Draycot Estate Route 3

Sutton Benger Walks – River Avon Mill and Christian Malford Route 4

Sutton Benger Walks – Draycot Route 5

Sutton Benger Walks – Chizel Brook Route 6

Sutton Benger Walks – Draycott Estate Hardings Farm Route 7

Wiltshire Council Rights of Way Map