NDP Consultation Meeting 23rd Nov 8pm

Parish of Sutton Benger Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)  

Consultative Meeting – 23rd November 2015 – SB Village Hall (8pm) 

Dear Parishioners

We are now in a position to report on the findings gathered during the Public Open Meeting that was held on the 30th September 2015.

We are therefore hosting a further meeting in the Sutton Benger Village Hall at 8pm on Monday 23rd November. The meeting will last for no longer than ninety minutes and will include Agenda Items such as:

  • Detailed report on information gathered at the meeting on the 30th September
  • Brief discussion regarding the initial Scope of the NDP
  • Call for volunteers to form working groups to address the areas within the initial Scope

The initial response has been amazingly positive and we hope that this continues until the NDP is finalised.

We look forward to meeting with all who are able to attend on the 23rd November.

Kind regards

 Baz Worth / Chairman of NDP Core Group

For additional info please contact us by email