Find the long since Hidden Stile!

Since the Covid pandemic started, we are happy to report that more and more of you have been discovering the footpaths and bridleways around the Parish. Thanks to the good cooperation between the Parish Council, landowners and volunteers, many of the stiles and footbridges have been replaced or repaired. In the last month you may have noticed the prolific growth of undergrowth around the stiles and some footpaths and bridleways. A campaign is under way to clear the worst of the excess growth to ease access, whilst respecting that these are also wildlife and flora habitats. The maintenance and clearing of these rights of way is an ongoing task, so please be patient if we have not got there yet.  Do let us know if you spot any issues on your rambles. .

See if you can spot from the photos where the recently cleared stile on footpath 13 near Draycot Park Farm is. Why not go and find out if you haven’t ventured this far afield yet and tick off Draycot Cerne and Kington Langley from your bucket list! Please take great care on the pavement alongside the B4069 to get there. 

Rights of Way Map

Above all, please remember that the rights of way mainly traverse  farmland, so please keep to the paths to avoid damage to crops and grassland and please please take your litter and dog poo home with you. It can cause serious disease in livestock and is very undesirable when accidentally trodden in.

Go and enjoy rambling!