Clerks Report: November 2016

Update From Sutton Benger Parish Council Meeting on 9 November 2016

Planning – Consideration was given to 4 planning applications:

  • 16/09784/FUL – College Green, Sutton Lane, SN15 4RT – Enlarge existing adopted informal parking area to accommodate 7 formal parking bays, including associated white line marking. – Support subject to conditions
  • 16/10077/FUL – Oakleigh Acres Pitstop, Jct 17 M4, SN15 5LH – Proposed lounge/bar area and two temporary mobile type offices – No Objections
  • 16/10466/TCA – 4 Chestnut Road, SN15 4RP – 25% Crown Reduction to Horse Chestnut Tree – No Objections
  • 16/10550/TCA – East Starlings 25 High Street SN15 4RQ – Fell 1 Lawson Cypress Tree – No Objections

The PC had not submitted any comments on the original application in relation to the Planning Appeal for 16/02442/FUL – Kintyre, Sutton Lane – covered yard for livestock, as it had not received the original plans and would state this in a letter to the planning inspectorate.

It was agreed to make no comments on the proposed base station installation in the field adjacent to The Shrubbery, North of the High Street.

Matters relating to the unauthorised planning infringements at the traveller site on Seagry Hill were noted and the Clerk advised of the planning enforcement officer’s site visits, comments and the imminent planning application.

Dropped kerbs – Pavement on High Street at Starlings – Following a proposal by Cllr N Davis – Cllr P Jones agreed to take photos and submit an initial enquiry to the Chippenham Area Board regarding funding/action on dropping the kerbs to make it easier for disability scooters and prams using the pavement.

Rights of Way – Cllr Leigh Varnham has been working with the volunteer group to assign the pathways for inspection.  There are lots of paths to inspect – if you are interested in joining the group, please contact the Clerk.

Neighbourhood Development – A public meeting has been arranged for 23-Nov-2016 to give an update on the survey results.

Village Hall – Cllr N Hayward advised that a proposal had been received by the VHMC to potentially lease part of the Rec to install a mobile phone mast.  She also advised that they are very keen on extending the Hall – the PC have previously expressed their support for this project.  The Clerk passed on the thanks received from the VHMC for the donation from the PC of 12 new chairs.

Next Parish Council Meetings – There will be an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 7th December 2016 in the Village Hall, starting at 7.45 pm to discuss planning applications. The date of the next ordinary Parish Council Meeting is Wednesday 11th January 2017 in the Village Hall, starting at 7.45 pm.

Councillor Vacancies – there is currently 1 vacancy for Parish Councillor.  Please contact Linda Bragg, Parish Clerk on 07757 351584 / email: for further details and an Application Form if you would like to join our team.